Cancer Hates Chilies and Hot Sauce

Hot sauce might not sound so nice when you think of it - it burns, it makes you cry, it's unbearably painful if a chili pepper gets into your eye. Yet somehow people love it!

As it turns out, our bodies might know something we don't. Capsaicin, which is a chemical element responsible for setting out taste buds on fire, is good for us. It does many positive things - it's a health booster, weight loss helper, and even cancer cell killer.

Let's find out 10 reasons why we should include chili peppers and hot sauce to our diet:

1. Does spicy sauce have lots of calories?

You don't have to sacrifice taste when you diet. Yes, you might have to eat more salad, but add a splash of hot sauce and you will get intense flavor with virtually no added calories. Every pepper and vinegar condiment will have some calories, like 0-6 per table spoon, rendering such amount insignificant for dieters. It's safe to say that chilies might save your diet and help your waist line.

2. Does hot sauce help burning calories?

Not many weight loss programs talk about hot sauce, but they should. That same capsaicin, found in all peppers, is a major factor in metabolic function and can give it a significant temporary boost. This means that your body will burn more calories faster. Again, there is some weight loss help we all could use.

3. Can hot sauce help us eat less?

Yes, as it turns out, spicy food prevents us from overeating by affecting the size of the bites we take. We tend to take smaller bites when it burns and when we nibble on food instead of inhaling huge portions, we get up from the table fuller with less, but more flavorful options.

4. How does capsaicin affect blood pressure?

If you suffer from high blood pressure, you might be advised to reduce fat in your diet and cut out bacon. That's good for you, but also a bit lame. Who wants to cut out bacon? One remedy that is not lame? - hot sauce. Any brand of your favorite hot sauce will set your lips and mouth on fire, but will feel very good for your blood vessels. Capsaicin acts as a relaxant for your blood vessels lowering inflammation and dysfunction that can cause problems.

5. Is it true that hot sauce can clear up your sinuses?

If you have a pesky cold or stuffed nose, just a dash of hot sauce can help you with that. There is no need to spend money on medication if you have a Tabasco bottle in your pantry. We have all experienced how hot sauces and spicy foods make your nose run; we just forget it in our time of need. So grab a small red bottle and some napkins and say goodbye to your stuffed nose.

Chilies and Hot Sauce

6. Can chilies help with indigestion?

In the past people thought that spicy food should be avoided if you experience some indigestion or upset stomach. As it turns out, the total opposite is true - hot sauce and flavorful foods have abilities to calm your stomach and guts. The spiciness encourages your stomach to work faster; it draws more blood to it, boosting its functionality and helping break down food aiding digestion and nutrient absorption.

7. What does spicy salsa do to your joints?

A few of us know that capsaicin cream actually exists. The cream can be bought or made at home and is used to relieve pain. Spicy peppers, full of capsaicin, positively affect deep joint pain, reach back, hip, and shoulder painful areas. The spicier the food, the better it is for arthritis. If you suffer form joint pain, muscle up for some habanero pepper seeds and experience some serious relief!

8. What is the relationship between capsaicin and cancer?

There are proven cancer-fighting benefits of capsaicin. This element has shown to cause human breast cancer cells to destroy themselves during a process called apoptosis. Even with good signs we still have a lot to learn about how capsaicin enters our blood stream and how long it remains active there. Some facts can make us hopeful for the future research about spicy food. For example, residents of New Mexico, who are known to eat a lot of New Mexico chilies, have lower cancer rates than anywhere else in the states.

9. Does spicy food elevate your mood?

Often times we eat spicy food at a nice restaurant with a nice company and experience happy emotions. This might not be for no reason - it turns out burning taste is considered as a pain signal by your brain, which then releases endorphins to make you feel better. Endorphins are hormones used by the body to block the nerves' ability to perceive pain. Dopamine or pleasure hormone is also released helping you to truly enjoy that plate of spicy tamales.

10. How do peppers support seniors and aid their needs?

We all know peppers have various bright colors and for a good reason. All growing peppers go through anthocyanin biosynthesis, which is when they get loaded with unique blend of nutrients and antioxidants that are all good for our bodies.

Different colors provide different health benefits for our aging bodies:

  • Red chilies fight cancer
  • Jalapenos contain lutein and zeaxanthin and fight macular degeneration, protecting eye sight
  • Yellow peppers contain high doses of vitamin C and boost metabolism

Finally, always consult your doctor if you have any doubts about using peppers or want to find out more about their health benefits.

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